Replacing old compressor saves 60,000 kWh on their electricity bill

Cleasbys Engine Motor Services, based in Meadowfield, are a company specialising in reconditioning engines, including making them more energy efficient, and aim to become the leading engine remanufacturer in the North East. They also want to ensure they do so while keeping an eye on their environmental impact.

A BEEP energy efficient audit was carried out looking at both the premises itself, and activities carried out within it. Compressors are used throughout the workshop and are energy hungry devices, particularly older models.

BEEP identified replacing an existing 55 kW compressor with a new 22 kW model would provide them with an approximate 60,000 kWh saving on their electricity bill each year. That equates to a large financial saving, as well as reducing carbon emissions by 17 tonnes each year.

The Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Durham County Council. It runs until the end of March 2023 and provides eligible SMEs in County Durham with a fully funded energy efficiency audit, written report, and grants to help part fund energy efficiency capital expenditure.