Auckland Youth and Community Centre is a vibrant community hub in the centre of Bishop Auckland and is host to a variety of diverse groups and activities

The BEEP project was approached by the centre for advice around increasing its energy efficiency. The subsequent audit report suggested several ways the centre could reduce both its carbon footprint and running costs.

The centre decided to address two key areas – lighting across the building and heating for the spacious sports hall.

LED lighting had been installed to replace the old fluorescent tubes throughout the building creating a brighter and more cheerful environment for everyone, however it was identified that they were being left on in areas that weren’t being used. With help from the project several lighting sensors have now been fitted resolving this making it easier to use the lighting more effectively.

The centre also has a very roomy ‘sports-hall’ and this was being insufficiently heated by a very old gas convector heater, which was becoming increasingly unreliable. With support from BEEP, which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Durham County Council, some grant funding helped this being replaced with a new and much more efficient model.

The treasurer, Nadine Kipling said,

“In our view we now have a much more energy efficient boiler in our Sports Hall that makes it much more comfortable and opens up possibilities for more hire now we can heat it to a comfortable level”.

The passive infrared movement sensor (PIR) lighting is already showing benefits as we are not using energy when people are not using certain areas of the building. This will save on energy and costs”.