A global campaign mobilising a coalition of leading net zero initiatives representing 733 cities, 31 regions, 3,067 businesses, 173 of the biggest investors, and 622 Higher Education Institutions.

The UK government has made the Race to Zero campaign central to their COP26 presidency –  challenging UK businesses to eliminate their greenhouse gas emissions and take advantage of the enormous opportunities presented by the move to clean economies.

So far over 3000 businesses and 170 investors have signed up to the scheme (including over one-fifth of the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 business) with more joining every day and a huge range of sectors represented, from fashion to food, from cars to cement.

Race To Zero Logo

By signing up to Race to Zero, companies show their commitment in tackling the climate crisis to investors and customers. All companies who have signed up have made a pledge to reduce emissions of carbon (as well as other greenhouse gases such as methane) to zero.

Make no mistake, this a monumental undertaking which will require a great deal of tenacity and expertise. The good news is that the UK electricity grid has become significantly cleaner over the last decade thanks to the rise of wind and solar across our country and this will continue as these technologies become even more cost effective.

However, while electricity (a large part of the carbon emissions for many companies) is getting cleaner our country’s main heating fuel, gas, remains stubbornly at the same level of carbon intensity. This is one of our greatest challenges. Likewise, decarbonising transport will also be a challenge.

While it is businesses who will be undertaking the challenge, there will need to be significant intervention and help from central government – who will need to improve public transport infrastructure to ensure employees can travel to and from work without a car more easily.

Part of going carbon neutral means that large businesses such as construction companies and car manufacturers will be seeking to green their supply chains as well as their own operating emissions. This means the businesses who supply these industries must also look to reduce their emissions.

Signing up for the race to zero campaign is a monumental undertaking. It is also one with significant benefits: more efficient lighting and better insulation means a brighter, warmer, more comfortable, better workspace.  Solar panels reduce your electric bills and grid dependency, and electric vehicles will help improve air quality everywhere your business operates (and the health of your employees who drive them).

There is also the more important consideration that climate change is set to drastically alter human civilisation as we know it, so that should hopefully give you the nudge you need

To find out more about the campaign visit the Race to Zero website and if you want your business to participate you can visit the SME Climate Hub and sign the SME Climate Commitment.

Can BEEP help?

Yes. The BEEP team would be delighted to help your business to go carbon neutral. If you have already signed up to the Race to Zero (or you’re just thinking about it) please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the methods listed below:

Phone: 03000 265547
Email: beep@durham.gov.uk