Tow Law Town Football Club, located in the gusty town bearing the same name, taking advantage of the blustery conditions, installed a wind turbine. The club first began working with BEEP in 2019, where an audit identified the potential in replacing  the on-site generation system.

The 5 Kilowatt (kW) turbine sits at a height of 10 meters, where the average wind speed is 7.9 miles per second. Standing adjacent to the Lawyer’s pitch at Ironworks Road, the turbine is expected to generate 21,000kWh per year which will offset 6 tonnes of carbon from the grid each year.

With grant fund support from BEEP, the new inverter was installed by local company, Alternative Energy Contracting, but the project was not without its obstacles. A sinkhole caused by an old mineshaft opened on the pitch in the summer of 2020, forcing the wind turbine to be temporarily taken down while the Coal Authority repaired the damage.

Steve Moralee, Club Secretary who has been working with BEEP since 2019, said “It’s great to see the turbine back up and running, for a while it seemed like we would never get here.”

The club is also looking into replacing their floodlights which will further reduce their carbon footprint.

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