TGC, is a pigeon clay and air rifle shooting sports ground centre, located in the heart of the dales in County Durham. They hold several events throughout the year to support charity, competitions and even team exercise days.

The club contacted the Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) as they have an ambition to become carbon neutral and needed some support to help towards achieving this.

With part funding from BEEP, the club recently installed their own “power-station” by connecting a Solar Panel Energy system complete with a lithium battery storage system to replace an aging diesel driven generator. When power is used in full, only 20-30 per cent of the stored energy in the batteries is used. A new sustainable wood pellet burner was also fitted to replace a condemned log burner.

Tony Brittain, club Secretary said “We are absolutely delighted with the new solar panel energy system. When the club re-opened after the lockdown in March, the energy used on the night to power all the equipment and lighting was only 10 per cent of the stored energy. I am very pleased that BEEP supported us and with their help we are well underway to achieve our ambition in being a carbon neutral business.”

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