A County Durham family business is saving £13,000 a year in energy bills by installing LED and replacing compressor. This also reduced their carbon emissions by a further 30 tonnes of CO2e.

Dunhouse Quarry in Cleatham, near Darlington, asked the Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) to help them identify additional energy efficiency savings they could make at their premises.

Already committed to saving energy, the business had previously installed solar PV panels across the roof of one of the workshops, and installed a state of the art water recycling system, in order to significantly reduce the amount of water being used in the cutting process.

The Audit Report identified an inefficient compressor and older style lighting in the workshops and provided Dunhouse Quarry with grant funding to assist with replacing these. The compressor was replaced shortly after the Report was supplied at the beginning of 2020 and is already saving the business over £4,000 per annum on running costs and reduces carbon emissions by just under 14 tonnes CO2e per year.

The upgrade to LED lighting has taken longer, initially due to having to work around the workshop schedules, but also due to COVID-19. This has now been completed and has made a real difference to the quality of light for staff working in the workshops, as well as and saving nearly £9,000 in electricity costs, and a carbon emissions saving of 16.7 tonnes CO2e per year.

Paul Allison, Managing Director of Dunhouse Quarry said: “Once I knew how inefficient the old compressor was, it pained me every time I heard it start up, which is why it was replaced so quickly! We are committed to energy saving, both from a business and environmental point of view, and it has been really helpful to have the BEEP auditor identify areas where we could make additional savings, as well as help with funding towards the capital cost.”

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