A local brewery has invested in energy efficiency measures, saving them £10,000 and reducing their carbon emissions by 55-tonnes annually.

Castle Eden Brewery have been on a mission to reduce their environmental impact since they first engaged with the Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) in 2017.

The brewery, located on Spectrum Business Park just outside of Seaham, has completed several projects, dramatically reducing its greenhouse gas emissions – possibly making it one of the greenest independent breweries in the UK.

The initial priority was to upgrade the halogen lighting to LEDs. Not only did this reduce energy costs by an estimated £5,800 each year and lower carbon emissions by 11 tonnes annually, but it also drastically improved the quality of the lighting on the factory floor.

The longer lasting LEDs removed another headache for the brewery’s management – replacing the halogen bulbs in the old high bay lights. It was expensive replacing these and the height of the ceiling required the use of a cherry picker, adding to the costs and complexity of the task.

Business directors, Cliff Walker and Dave Travers also reviewed manufacturing processes and the installation of a water meter allowed the brewery to get a better idea of consumption – highlighting the need to reduce this. Just by introducing the water meter, and being more aware of their practice, resulted in saving not only money, but also saves half a tonne of carbon being released into the environment.

A further change in the manufacturing process involved replacing the electric immersion heaters with gas boilers, making the brewing process faster and more efficient. This saved them more money and reduced carbon emissions by a further 13.9 tonnes.

To reduce energy demand from the grid, the brewery also took on a Power Purchase Agreement, where a 140kW solar array was installed on their roof by a third party. Castle Eden Brewery now purchase this clean power from the solar panels for a lower tariff than their previous energy contract. In total, the system is expected to generate over 105,000 kWh per year – offsetting 30 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

In total, the brewery’s efforts to reduce their impact on the environment and costs, are thought to have saved them the significant sum of £10,000 per year, as well as reducing their overall carbon emissions by 55 tonnes annually.

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