UMi Commercial Ltd is a company who make it easier for business to do more and go further by providing a wide range of business services from their offices at the Spectrum Business Park in Seaham.

An office refurbishment plan, complete with staff  breakout room including a pool table and TV, identified upgrading the lighting to LEDs would not only provide the staff with a better working environment, but would also reduce their ongoing electricity bills for lighting by approximately 60%.

A fully funded energy efficiency audit from BEEP (Business Energy Efficiency Project) identified a projected saving of £5,500 per year if they upgraded to LEDs across the offices. With these savings, UMi Commercial Ltd could see that the payback period for this new lighting would be very short.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funded BEEP project was also able to offer UMi Commercial Ltd a grant towards a percentage of the cost of the upgrade.

The SME received support from BEEP in the form of an audit which estimated that their lighting is using over 50 000kWh each year – costing over £7,000. As a result, UMi Commercial Ltd decided to upgrade their lighting to energy efficient LEDs.interior of Umi's bright and modern office space showing several people hard at work

In addition to a significantly better quality of light from LEDs, they last much longer than older style fluorescent lighting, avoiding the need to change bulbs and tubes regularly.

The upgrade, which took around 10 days to complete, went smoothly according to Jean Royal, UMi Commercial Ltd’s Office Manager, who is delighted with the results, commenting

‘It was really helpful to have an energy efficiency audit report from BEEP to understand how much we would be saving before committing to the project, and the grant towards the costs was an added bonus.  The installation team from AMJS were superb and fitted the installation work around our staff making it a seamless transition.’