You may be asking – why is Energy Efficiency so important – it seems to be one of the “buzz” words popping up often these days across all types of business sectors.

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Energy Efficiency explained: in the simplest form it means using less energy to perform the same task thus eliminating energy waste.

You may then ask: What’s the benefit of that?

With energy efficiency comes a vast variety of benefits from financial to environmental and even reducing demand for energy import.

How does that translate in simple terms for your business?

Being an energy efficient business produces financial savings – why pay over the odds for using energy? Operating more efficiently reduces cost which translates to lower operating expenses.

Your carbon footprint reduces – by generating and wasting less energy your business emits less greenhouse gases meaning improved environmental performance.

Sustainability credentials – an environmentally friendly business gains reputation for its ethical operation which can lead to improved supply chains and increase in business.

Energy security for the UK – reducing the energy demand will help build the UK’s inland energy supply chain meaning more resource for future generations.

Whether you are an established business or just starting – have little or no experience with energy efficiency – there’s several simple measures you can adopt.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change have a comprehensive Energy Efficiency guide for SMEs which you can get lots of information from.

If you are an SME based in County Durham, BEEP can support your business in becoming energy efficient and sustainable. Our services are fully funded, meaning there is no cost to you and is provided by fully qualified energy experts offering a detailed audit and tailored solutions for your business.

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