The BEEP project has provided energy efficiency advice and support for over 300 County Durham based small to medium businesses (SMEs) in the last 3 years. All participating businesses have saved on their energy spending, running costs but also greatly reduced their carbon footprint.

BEEP has proved itself to be a successful project and will continue to help improve business efficiencies until September 2022.

The project holds a very important part in Durham County Councils Climate Response Plan as it solemnly focuses on supporting businesses  within the county reduce their running energy costs and carbon footprint. This contributing towards the countywide target of being Carbon Neutral by 2020.

To date, BEEP participating businesses have contributed in reducing the County’s carbon emissions by 1636.31 tonnes which is remarkable.

But the project operates in a much wider role than purely energy efficiency and can provide much needed advice and direction with links to the council, the county and regionwide.

Energy efficiency and carbon reduction is key; however, we pride ourselves with additional knowledge in funding, grants and business support opportunities. With our links we can signpost you to additional support that your business may require to enhance its operation.

Recently this has proven significant for our network of businesses during the covid pandemic and following now with recovery plans.

During government restrictions, there was a demand rise from businesses to digitalise their operations helping keep in touch with clients and continue their work – however there are many SMEs whom IT, communications and connectivity are an unchartered area. While completing the energy efficiency audits, we took the opportunity and referred several businesses to the Digital Drive project. This is another Durham County Council (DCC) initiative, whom provide specialist advice around increasing the digital visibility and solutions for businesses.

We’ve also signposted businesses to The Trading Standards Department who also offer advice to companies on how to achieve good practice, and Durham Savers which is a Council run scheme that works closely with County Durham businesses to help improve the financial wellbeing of their staff.

We are energy efficiency specialists, but we care for our business network and although we may help you upgrade your lighting and save on energy costs – our knowledge of external initiatives can also shine a light across your entire business.

To start saving and become energy efficient get in touch with BEEP and we will be happy to help your business progress.