green grassy footprintsEnergy is primary and used everywhere – keeping the streets lit up, vehicles moving and hot food on the table. It does however come with a great cost to the environment and our pockets.

But it doesn’t have to remain that way moving into the future. As climate change and energy sustainability awareness grows around the world, so does the market for energy efficient technology generating financial savings and environmentally friendly  solutions.

For over three and a half years the Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP), has supported a range of local businesses by providing tailored energy audits and grant funding for energy efficiency improvements – helping reduce their carbon footprint, environmental impact and make great financial savings.

Around two-thirds of funding has been used for LED lighting, which can give tremendous savings and is one of the most common, quick win energy saving solutions in the efficiency world.

However, there’s a world of innovative energy efficiency technologies on the up rise and there have been occasions where we’ve proudly supported SMEs adopt innovative energy efficient approaches, reducing their environmental impact and generating large savings.

Recently, BEEP was contacted by a manufacturing business that was struggling to heat a factory area with old and outdated wall-hung gas heaters. The decaying nature of the heating system was deemed unusable, accruing high maintenance costs.

BEEP helped the company move forward with a cost effective and surprisingly creative solution.  A neighbouring business had installed a large biomass heating system with the potential to create far more heat than was needed for their premises. An agreement was drawn up between the businesses to transfer heat from the owner of the heating system to the manufacturing business. The Durham County Council based project facilitated the ‘how’. Meeting the projects criteria and following some in depth number crunching – grant funding was agreed to help with the cost of pipework to transfer the heat ‘across the fence’.

In completing the work, the manufacturing company saves around £5000 annually and plummeting their carbon emissions by 460 tCO2e per year.

glass plant pot full of coins with a small sapling growing out of the top

BEEP has also provided grant funding towards an innovative Ultraviolet (UV) light sterilising system for a meat processing business.  Following an energy efficiency audit carried out by a BEEP energy expert, it was identified that the business was using enormous amounts of energy (and money) on hot water and steam to clean knives used in meat processing. The new technology saved the company an impressive 98% in their energy usage for this part of their operation and reduced their annual carbon emissions by around 22 tCO2e. Additionally with new LED lighting installed, it was estimated that the electricity consumption reduced by 70000 kWh per year.

These examples illustrate how BEEPs energy expertise and funding can be used in a wide variety of contexts and how businesses can be creative as they seek to reduce their running costs through energy efficiency measures and be environmentally friendly, contributing towards a net zero county.

If you would like more information on how BEEP can help your business, get in touch with us

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