Working from home may have its benefits – less travelling, great work life balance, quick access to the fridge and kettle, but it also comes with an increase in energy bills.

We’ve put together a list of energy saving tips you could easily adapt into your everyday work routine whilst working from home, helping you not only save energy and money but also reduce your carbon footprint!

Hot drinks
Avoid overfilling the kettle. By boiling just enough hot water for your cuppa saves time, energy and money. This alone could save you £20 over the year!

Wear your dressing gown
Even though the weather is getting warmer we do get the odd chilly day. Instead of turning the heating on or up, or even using an electric fan heater – think twice!  Get your dressing gown on, slippers, or any other clothing that keeps you warm. Keeping the heating off or turning it down for a few hours each day could save you £15 in a year and avoiding using an electric fan heater could save you £50! (based on a 2kw fan heater used for 1 hour daily).

Background Noise
If you like listening to music or having background noise, don’t use the TV. Using a 300W television for 50hrs per week will cost you £120 in a year! Try turning on the radio instead, which only uses pennies worth of electric.

If you’ve just cleared out the spare room to make an office or converted any of your living space into a remote office, make sure you change the light bulbs to LED! This could save you £22/year.

mans hands holding a lightbulb full of small lightsReduce your monitor’s brightness
Lowering the brightness on your computer screen could save you 20W, be softer on your eyesight and prevent headaches. Over a month, this power reduction could lower your electric bill by £12 a year

Keep Your Windows Clean
Did you know that cleaning your windows inside and out will let in more light and heat during the day, helping you reduce your heat and light usage? (don’t forget to close them before the sun sets though, to keep your home warm!)

Close your fridge door
Every time you open your fridge, the cooled air is replaced with room temperature air. The fridge then works harder in cooling down this new volume of air. If you find yourself bored and wandering around the house, avoid opening the fridge for frequently as tempting as it may be – it wastes energy.

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